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All kinds of Magnets LANCE Neodymium Magnets For Whiteboard Office Refrigerator DIY handmade Motor magnet, industrial magnet

Ndfeb magnet is a permanent magnet, using nickel coating and high-quality magnetic materials. A wide variety of shapes and sizes can be customized. You can also do different colors, practical and beautiful. It can be used not only for decoration and storage, but also in motors and industry.

LANCE specialize in many kinds of magnet, fishing magnet, magnetic round and so on.Our magnetic products are widely applied to all walks of life and work.We just devote ourselves to create a bright future for you.

Product Introduction

Amazing strong,sturdy and reliable magnets in portab le size.Made of high grade and exquisite quality magnet.These magnets come in a variety of sizes, and the suction of round will also vary according to the size of the base.The strong magnets are widely used in many places,they can be used indoor or outdoor, the school, home, office, workshop, warehouse and garage.
Magnets made of powerful magnets. Steel pot protects magnet from breaking and optimized magnetic circuit to maximize the holding power to the strongest. Great magnetic round base for various mounting magnets.Please note that the magnet strength is affected by the metal thickness and smooth of the attached items or high-temperature environment or acid-base environment.


1.All types of magnets lance can accept customization.
2.The small magnet is made of brushed nickel silver material, which is durable and has high resistance to demagnetization, corrosion, and oxidation. You don't have to worry about the magnet losing tension over time.
3.Each of our rare earth magnets has a smooth surface that can be easily disassembled without worrying about leaving scratches on the surface of the refrigerator, office board, or other areas
4.Strong magnets have strong adsorption capacity and can adsorb various items from any place with iron or steel, such as home, kitchen, office, garage, cabinet, refrigerator, etc.


All types of magnets lance can accept customization,
Please tell us the requirements, we will provide the most suitable and high-quality program。


The force of the products in this catalog is determined on a polished steel (Q235B) plate with a thickness of 10 mm (80 mm/min) at room temperature.