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Magnetic Hooks Coat Magnet Hooks for Hanging,Magnetic Hooks Heavy Duty with Rare Earth Neodymium for Pot Holder,Grill,Refrigerator,Home,Kitchen,Workplace or Office

T-Shape Magnetic Hook

Sleek and strong, our T-shape magnetic hook comes in silver and black. With a 1.78" diameter and 2.41" height, it boasts a vertical pull of 140 lbs and a horizontal pull of 35 lbs under ideal conditions. Designed for effortless hanging on magnetic surfaces, its unique T-shape enhances grip. Perfect for kitchens, offices, warehouses, and more, this hook is a versatile storage solution for small spaces.

Magnetic Hooks Make Your Life Better

1. Lance  specialize in many kinds of magnet, fishing magnet, magnetic hooks and so on.

2. Lance magnetic products are widely applied to all walks of life and work.

3. Lance  just devote ourselves to create a bright future for you.

4. Lance  is your best choice for demand of magnets, Do not hestiate to orgnize your life with our magnet.

5. Your satisfaction is our purpose. choose Lance magnet, choose shopping satisfaction.

size black

Best Material of Magnetic Hooks

1. 1.78in diameter, 2.41in height.

2. Magnetic hooks is made of is best neodymium rare earth magnet. Three layers: nickel layer, copper layer ,nickel layer not only make the magnet hooks much more strength, but also protect it and anti-rust.

pull force black

About Strength Please Note:

1. Lance  strong coat magnetic hooks, its vertical magnetic strength could reach to about 140 lbs and horizontal magnetic strength could reach about 35lbs in ideal conditions.

2. Please note that the magnet strength is affected by the metal thickness and smooth of the attached items or high-temperature environment or acid-base environment.





Package include

1. One package include two magnetic hooks

2. Magnetic hooks are with delicate shape, light weight and extremely strong hanging capacity, you can quickly and easily organize your home or office and make them more spacious and tidy

Using of the magnetic hooks

1. The magnetic hooks could be usded for kitchen, home, office, warehouse and so on.

2. It is best for hanging bags, headset, coat, umbrella,keys, towels and so on.

3. "T"shape structure do more better in anti-slip than other ordinary structure magnetic hooks. 2.25in height of the handle could lock your items better.

Please Be careful

1. Keep away from children and pacemakers

2. Keep away from magnetic storage devices such as mobile phones, bank cards and computers

3. Be careful in case powerful magnet hurt your fingers

4. Gloves is better when you handle it

5. If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage.