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Neodymium Strong Magnetic Lifter with Release Heavy Duty for Hoist, Shop Crane, Block, Board

The magnetic lifter is made of permanent neodymium magnets. And it is solid and reliable enough to lift steel sheets, blocks, rods, cylindrical, and other magnetic materials.

LANCE specialize in many kinds of magnet, fishing magnet, magnetic hooks and so on. Our magnetic products are widely applied to all walks of life and work. We just devote ourselves to create a bright future for you.

Product Introduction

Our permanent magnetic lifter can easily hoist heavy duty objects allowing for efficiently lifting kinds of steel materials without any electrical power supply on industry sites. 

Please clean the surface of the steel sheet before using the steel magnetic lifter, and do not stand under the lifted plate. Please do not use it vertically or at the edge, or on rough surfaces.


1. The permanent magnet crane features a heavy-duty chrome-plated hook, putting your mind at ease by avoiding breakage, deformation, and rust.
2. The hoist magnet boosts an anti-collision handle designed with a safety switch, while the limit bolt can tightly fix the handle during lifting.
3. The U-shaped groove of our permanent lift magnet is suitable for flat and round steel. When lifting round steels, the adsorption amount is 30%-50% of that of flat steels.


The magnetic lifter is mostly used in the industry sites for all kinds of heavy duty steel material
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The permanent magnetic lifter’s pull off strength could vary from 100 to 6000kgf according to different dimensions of the products


The magnetic lifter is made up of a strong neodymium and a chrome-plated anti-collision handle and heavy duty chrome plated hook and u-shaped groove.
Here is how the magnetic lifter work and operate.