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Neodymium Strong Name Badge Magnets for ID Badge Holders

The name badge magnets consists of 3 strong rare earth magnet with plastic plate and iron plate. It will not ruin your clothes with stickers and pins and can preserve the fabric of your clothing instead.

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Product Introduction

Name tag magnets are small magnetic devices used to securely attach name tags or identification badges to clothing without causing any damage. These magnets are typically made of neodymium, a powerful magnetic material, and are designed to be lightweight and discreet. They are easy to use and provide a convenient way to display identification at events, conferences, or in the workplace. Name tag magnets are an essential accessory for anyone who needs to wear a name tag regularly.


1.Convenience: Name tag magnets offer quick and easy attachment, saving time and effort. Simply place the magnet on your clothing, and the name tag securely attaches.
2.Damage Prevention: Unlike pins or clips, magnets prevent damage to clothing, protecting delicate fabrics and preserving the appearance of your attire.
3.Durability: These magnets are strong and long-lasting, ensuring a firm hold for your name tag throughout the day, without the need for frequent adjustments.
4.Versatility: Name tag magnets are suitable for various occasions, from formal events to daily office wear, making them a practical and adaptable choice for identification display.


These magnetic name tag holders are perfect for conferences, meetings, school events, community events, and everyday use at work
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The force of the products in this catalog is determined on a polished steel (Q235B) plate with a thickness of 10 mm (80 mm/min) at room temperature.


The name badge magnets consists of 3 strong rare earth magnet with plastic plate and iron plate. 
Here are three types of name badge magnets