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LANCE Launches New Black Nickel-Plated Magnetic Hooks: Powerful Magnetism, Durable, Easy to Attach, Creating Neat Spaces for Multiple Scenarios


LANCE Innovates with Magnetic Hooks: Powerful Magnetism for Easy Organization

In today's modern lifestyle where efficiency and tidiness are paramount, the convenience and functionality of household items have become a key focus for many. Recently, the renowned home furnishing brand LANCE has introduced a brand-new black nickel-plated magnetic hook, which has swiftly garnered significant attention in the market due to its strong magnetism and versatile design.

This magnetic hook is crafted using premium neodymium rare-earth magnets, which are processed with precision and combined with nickel and copper layers. This not only significantly enhances the magnetic strength of the hook but also provides excellent rust protection. With a diameter of 1.42 inches and a height of 1.73 inches, it can effortlessly handle hanging clothes, kitchen utensils, and other daily necessities, effectively assisting users in organizing their spaces.


In terms of performance, the LANCE coated magnetic hook demonstrates remarkable capabilities. Under ideal conditions, its vertical magnetic strength can reach approximately 140 pounds, while its horizontal magnetic strength can achieve around 35 pounds, sufficient to meet most daily hanging needs. However, it's worth noting that the strength of the magnet may be influenced by factors such as the metal thickness and smoothness of the attached items, high-temperature environments, or acidic and alkaline environments. Users should make adjustments according to the actual situation.


The hook's versatility is also one of the reasons for its widespread popularity. Whether it's in the home, kitchen, office, indoors, outdoors, or during travel, simply place the hook on any magnetic surface with a gentle press, and you can effortlessly hang jackets, travel bags, and other items. There's no need for drilling or puncturing, avoiding damage to walls and keeping spaces neat and orderly.


Furthermore, LANCE has conducted rigorous testing and evaluation on the durability and safety of these magnetic hooks. Through multiple rounds of durability tests and performance assessments in high and low-temperature environments, they ensure that the hooks maintain consistent performance during use, providing users with a safe and reliable hanging experience.

In conclusion, LANCE's newly launched black nickel-plated magnetic hook, with its strong magnetism and versatile design, brings tremendous convenience and comfort to modern life. Whether it's for organizing your home space or enhancing work efficiency, this hook can become an indispensable helper.

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