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Push Pin Magnets 18 Pack Metal Magnetic Push Pins Round Semi Spherical Pin Magnets Mini Silver Perfect for Whiteboard Magnets Office Magnets Map Magnets Refridgerator Magnets

Circular Pushpin Magnets, Multi-Color Options, Neodymium Magnet Material, Compact and Powerful

These circular pushpin magnets are crafted from high-performance neodymium magnet material, boasting exceptional magnetic force. With multiple color options, they cater to a wide range of needs. Whether for DIY projects, office use, or educational purposes, they are the perfect choice for you. Their compact size allows for easy portability and usage, making your life more convenient and efficient.

Product Description



Magnetic push pins offer a convenient way to hang up items on almost any type of metal surface!

Why should I use these pin magnets?

These push pin magnets features strong magnet backing power that can bear about 11 pcs sheets of paper with ease on the iron and metal surfaces. Saving your walls or whiteboard from horrible holes and reducing the potential danger caused by the normal pins.

How can kids benefit from those magnets?

As for kids, with so many kinds of colors and cute shape design, kids can have fun playing art projects or enjoy themselves with pin magnets, which also makes it meaningful for children to learning something about colors and magnets.

But be aware that little children should play with magnets under parential supervision because magnets could be choking hazard for little kids. Just keep them out of reach when children are alone.

Why should I choose Ant Mag pin magnets?

We specialize in magnets for many years, and the quality of the pin magnets can be assured with our promise. And if you are not satisfied with the magnets, you can just return and you will get your full refund. We are always at your service for magnetic products, welcome to communicate with us about your problems.

Wide Application

pin magnets

fridge magnets

pin magnets

Whiteboard Magnets

Works Great in the classroom and office.

Fridge Magnets

Done a good job as a memo and picture holder.

Map Pin Magnets

Strong holding power reaching up to 11 sheets paper.